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prostatitis treatment 2022

Urology Urology deals with the diagnostics and treatment of congenital anomalies, functional disorders, tumourous, and inflammatory diseases, and lithiasis of the urinary system kidney, ureter, bladder, urethra in both genders.

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Regular screening above the age of 45, lets us detect the urology diseases, including prostate and testicle cancer in a timely manner. For the effective and timely detection of the urology diseases, regular monitoring is recommended still earlier than the age of With the help of the palpation rectal digital examination of the prostate and based on the level of the prostate specific antigen PSA in the blood, the tumorous lesions of the prostate prostatitis treatment 2022 be reliably identified.

When is it recommended to contact a urology specialist? If you prostatitis treatment 2022 urination problems or abnormal urine bloody or odourous If you are experiencing of lower back cramping or lower abdominal pain In the case of complaints and pains at the region of the testicles and at the perineum If there are any palpable lesion in the testicles If you suffer from potency disorders or premature ejaculation If your partner has recurrent urological or gynecological complaints In asymptomatic cases For men above the age of 50, yearly screening is recommended In case of a previous urological disease, regular control is required What happens during the urologist's visit?

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The specialist's examination starts with a detailed history taking. The specialist collects information about your complaints if any.

The urological physical examination includes inspection and palpation of the abdomen, the region of the kidneys and the genitals, as the well-experienced urology specialist can visually detect such lesions which are not conspicuous for you. The procedure with the most reservation on behalf of the patients is the rectal digital palpation examination of the prostate.

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This part of the examination can be prostatitis treatment 2022 course omitted in the case of the explicit request of the patient, so this should not be the reason for not visiting the urologist. However, please note that our specialists are a prosztatitis kezelésének eszköze sympathetic not to cause significant pain for their patient. By ultrasound examination, it is possible to perform a detailed examination of the kidneys, the bladder, the prostate, the prostatitis treatment 2022 vesicle and the epididymis.

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The urological examination includes also urine and blood tests — above the age of 45 the latter includes the determination and evaluation of the prostate-specific antigen PSA level as well.

Prostatitis treatment 2022 the case of prostate enlargement or other urination problems, examination of voiding may be required: the patient voids urine into a cone and the specialist can collect information on the amount and rate of voiding.

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