Prostate infection medication

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Creatinine Creatinine Creatine is a compound, produced primarily by the liver. It is an prostate infection medication source that is utilized for muscle contracts. Creatinine is a waste product of creatine, which prostate cancer pitfalls mri produced by the muscles and removed from the body by the kidneys.

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As almost all creatinine is filtered from the blood by the kidneys, its blood levels are usually a good indicator prostate infection medication kidney functions. Its level depends on the muscle mass, therefore its levels are slightly higher in men than in women.

What is the purpose of the test? The test helps to assess the normal function of the kidneys and to monitor the treatment of kidney disease. Usually, the test will be requested by the doctor along with a carbamide test if the patient has a kidney disorder.

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In what cases is it recommended to perform the test? The test is usually performed as part of a metabolism test, or if the doctor suspects renal failure, or in case of an acute or chronic disease that may cause renal dysfunction. The test is often used to check kidney function besides medication or to control the effectiveness of certain medicines.

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What kind of sample is needed for the test? What can the result indicate?

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What to do after the test? In all cases, please consult the specialist who ordered the test, as the results of further tests may be required for an accurate diagnosis.