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Population based ranking of frameless CT-MRI registration methods

The majority of locoregional treatment failures occur within the target volumes irradiated with high doses by Prostate anatomy ct scan.

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Owosho et al. The mandible was significantly better protected with IGBT than with VMAT, due to intensity modulation with stepping source technology avoiding high irradiation of the mandible.

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For tonsillar cancer patients Stieler et al. The results were similar and doses to the spinal cord were acceptable for both techniques in patients, in whom only the primary lesion was irradiated.

They observed that xerostomia grades at 2 and 6 months prostate anatomy ct scan were significantly lower among patients in the cSMG-sparing group than in the unspared group.

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A major source of concern with VMAT and IMRT is the higher low dose radiation to surrounding normal tissue, which potentially increases the risk of secondary malignancy. Immobilization for precise irradiation and the possibility of tumor repopulation during the long treatment time can also be a problem with VMAT.

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On the other hand, technique sensitivity is one of the drawbacks of IGBT. However, some measures have been introduced for easy implantation, such as the use of a vinyl template or ultrasound guided technique.

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However, according to our investigation the variations in density in small volumes cause less than a 0. Therefore, it is clinically important to keep the dose for OARs as low as possible.

In this respect the results confirm the important role of interstitial RT in the era of new external beam RT techniques. To translate the results of these dosimetric findings into clinical practice, more patients and long term follow-up with prospective collection of toxicities are necessary.

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Dosimetry of mandible and spinal cord IGBT.